I had such high hopes for this weekend. I’d photograph. I’d clear my queue of tasks – you know – the ones that refuse to die. I’d do this, do that – human tornado in disguise.

Reality’s much less glowing.

I didn’t photograph. I didn’t clear my tasklist. And if I were a tornado, Dorothy would still be in Kansas. I spent most of the weekend making this one final transition to WordPress. I’m not sure why exactly I chose this moment in time, but I’m glad I’ve taken the first step at least. [smiles humorlessly] I think I’ve switched blogging software/hosts quite a few times over the course of the past few years.

There’s a lot more to do of course. I have a list of changes I want to implement and much writing to do. I’ve modified the default template slightly, but there’s no disguising its nature. Much of the other pages I have are nothing more than placeholders. I will add to them over time.


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  • Yeah, I was surprised when I too had some problems with my domain, and the support service was superb. I couldn’t get my email forwarded to my gmail. But they were quick to help :). I guess that’s what we’re paying them for, afterall.

    The cool thing though, was that since I’ve been compaigning to get people to email me at pgvildys@pgvildys.com and not my old hotmail address, the transition was surprisingly painless once the email started forward. On occasion someone will email me at the old addy, but I can correct them at that point :)

    ANd look, I’m writing a comment in your blog!!!

  • [laughs]

    That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back – the fact that you were having problems commenting. Look – the power you have ;-)

    I have way too many email addresses to count – and that includes my GMail, Engmail, Sympatico… You know the drill. I haven’t yet decided to standardize on one, which poses quite the problem.