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At this moment there’s still a fair amount of work to be done before all my writing is consolidated. After suffering through this morning’s windchill and two delayed GO trains I was faced with the laborious chore of manually copying individual entries from Blogger into WordPress.

It’s a fair amount of repetitive work. I start with the body, enter the title, choose the appropriate category (Blogger entries are uncategorized), enter the date and time at which the entry was created and hit “Publish”. Lord help me if there are URLs – I haven’t turned the “Ping URLs in post” option off, so a URL heavy posting can significantly delay the process.

I think it’s fair to say that November was the month in which I wrote the most. With over 86 posts entered and an additional 16 to go, I’m surprised at the fact that I managed to write 102 entries over a 30 day span. 102.

Incidentally, there are only two months in which I haven’t written a word. April 2004 and August 2003. I suspect the lack of entries in August can be attributed to my 2B finals and subsequent Indian galavant. April? 3A.

While pasting in my entries, I remember alternately smiling, frowning and sometimes feeling absolutely nothing as the circumstances in which I wrote the respective entry came to mind. For example, in my entry “Birds” the memory of Allister and I working in my room on the 3 (something or the other) Analog Control Systems Lab 1 was quite vivid. Conversations. Feelings. Anger, apathy, regret and resignation. I wonder – how long will these memories last? Does the simple act of writing serve to etch them just that much more into my mind?

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