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What do I write about now? Cameras. Lots about cameras. It wasn’t always this way and I wonder at its cause. There’v been shifts in my writing before. Start with a daily play-by-play of my life, add a healthy dose of Linux and software development, layer with introspection, embellish with a photography/news obsession and there – you have it, my journalistic attempts in a nutshell.

But why cameras, and why now? It’s not as if I’m starved for topics; I have more to say than ever. Every day an entry written in my mind on my journey to work, filed away for transcription and yet, unwritten at the end of the day. More than a month’s worth of work exists as detritus, never to see a page. Somehow the words that flow so easily at 7:30AM seem disjointed at 8:10PM.

I’m here on the train, black gloved hands holding my pencil, notebook on my lap. Our car slows down and I join my quad mate in watching the a second GO train parallel ours. Two passenger car loads of people staring each other down on the final stretch to Union. A thought unbidden, uncalled, springs to mind. Maybe talking about cameras is simply safer?

Two days ago I was told that everyone wanted to be a writer or a photographer. I wonder how many want to be a writer, a photographer and keep a full time job.

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