3 Hours


Ahh! It Burns!
Originally uploaded by Allen George.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to set everything up to do this? ;-)

First there’s the matter of furniture. You know…need to locate tables, lamps, extra chairs etc. Then the raw material. Where does one find gravel easily in a house?! Stones, ToweLand base, a mini tree… And then the photographic work. Which angle? Wanna use a flash? How’d you want to set up the lights? Wait – light or lights? What exposure do you want?

Oh yeah – and I can’t forget the small matter of posing Alpha Male.

So many steps…

Well – this is the final result. It took me a lot more than 3 hours to arrive at this. I tried hundreds of different poses, lighting conditions and took more photographs than I know what to do with!

Maybe one day I’ll be so good that a single photograph is all it takes.


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