Out Of It


Frankly it’s disconcerting how tired after work these days. I don’t know what it is, or why, but it’s been quite the chore to do anything beyond get home, make myself dinner, take care of “what has to be done” (TM) and hit the bed. It’s more than disconcerting however, it’s frustrating. No. Stronger. It makes me angry.

I hate feeling tired, feeling as if I can’t muster up the energy to push through the last few hours of my day. After all, isn’t this the time I have for myself? Why can’t I use it to the fullest? It’s a vicious cycle of course – I’m angry about how I spend my day and am disappointed with myself.

Which doesn’t lead to warm and fuzzy thoughts about one’s direction in life.

Maybe it’s all in my state of mind…


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  • Allen!

    What going on?

    Final few weeks until the end of 3B lectures. Its the final stretch of the program from here on in – there was talk of grad ball, IRS, pub crawl and the like but it is only now with the proximity of it all that makes it that much more exciting.

    let me know what’s going on,

  • Hey Kurt…

    Been out of it for the past two weeks. I had (still have) something I’ve to attend to. For me it won’t be over until that month – February of next year – by when I’ll have completed my fourth year design project and am looking to cruise my way out.