Terri Schaivo


As usual, Ars has a succint overview of the events leading up to the controversy currently surrouding Terri Schaivo.

Unless you:

  • Live under a rock
  • Study at a university (for example: Waterloo)
  • Don’t listen to the radio
  • Don’t watch the evening news
  • Don’t read the newspaper or surf the web

you’ve heard the legal maneuverings and pointificating surrouding Terri’s fate.

It’s brought home to me how tenuous our grasp on good health actually is. Everyday is ripe for an accident. There are thousands of carcinogens surrounding us in various amounts. We engage in activities that could seriously injure us or affect us over time. We make decisions about our behavior that has implications decades into the future.

I have great respect for senior citizens who are able to survive and actively deal with the various indignities that often are part and parcel of old age and I wonder – I wonder if I’ll have the fortitude to do the same.

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