High On Life

1 large cup of vanilla-hazelnut
1 espresso shot
1 medium cup of generic
2 and a 1/2 cups of Ethiopian spiced tea
1 large cup of Paradiso

And I’m in bed. Every 15 minutes eyes pop open. “Where’s that clock?
Scream for Hypnos and Morpheus to find me.

Ripped out. Zipped out. Flipped out. Mind’s all tricked out.


  1. The_Voice - April 2, 2005 @ 14:05

    Word… buzzed on one less coffee than yourself, and replacing the Paradiso with that Chocolate Lovers thing, and I was till up till about 3AM… now if your posting was made BEFORE you slept, then that’s something else.

  2. Allen George - April 2, 2005 @ 16:23

    I _couldn’t_ sleep.

    I went ‘to bed’ at 1AM. Tried to go to sleep till around 4AM. Decided I was fighting a losing battle and have been up since.

  3. The_Voice - April 2, 2005 @ 23:06


  4. Allen George - April 2, 2005 @ 23:12


    Well – haven’t gone to sleep yet. Been out all day and just got back. Talk about a busy weekend!

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