You’re worried about Quebec going its own way?

Given an annual $23-billion contribution to the rest of this country, I propose the separation of Ontario from Canada. No sovereignty-association, no requests for “Canada” to negotiate in good faith, no demands to have representatives in Ottawa. Well, I like Ottawa. We take Ottawa.

You can put your capital in Gatineau. Or Winnipeg. Or Halifax. Or Vancouver.

Wade Montminy, Guelph, Ont.

Wade Montminy (Adscam and Sepratism – letter, April 11) is on to a good idea. Should Ontario separate from Canada, it would have the 17th largest gross domestic produc in the world. We would have a huge annual budget surplus and a vigorous debate over what to do with it.

We would, however, have to give up listening to Quebec’s constant whining and sense of humiliation, the West’s never-ending alienation and the East’s distrust of us in central Canada for having too much power.

It would be a tough decision to make, living with all that peace and prosperity.

Mary Cutler, Thornhill, Ont.

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