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It’s almost entirely a Canon shooters group with 16 of 22 people owning Rebels, 10/20Ds and even an awe inspiring 1Ds (Mark II). What’s with the Nikon? Didn’t I hear that Nikon was ‘dying’?

Must have missed that clue train.

I was taken to task for even suggesting that an Olympus E300 was a possibility for a new DSLR buyer ;-) Excuse me for thinking that high ISO performance and MP count aren’t the be-all and end-all of an ideal DSLR! There used to be a time when build quality, feature set, ergonomics, glass and price (yes – price!) were elements that were considered prior to purchase. Ah well – photographers are an equal mix of artists and gearheads at heart I suppose.

And please, please, please can I see a D100 successor this summer?

That’s right. Begging.

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