Back when Flickr was a relatively small Canadian company with a novel idea, I sprung for a two year account.


Would you believe that patriotism (of all reasons) was one of the factors behind my choice? I strongly believe in the idea that Canada should be more than a branch-plant nation. Too often Canadian companies with innovative ideas are swallowed up by multi-national behemoths and their Canadian R&D teams gutted and moved to the head-office nation. I’d hoped that my contribution (no matter how small) would keep this innovative Canadian company alive and help them flourish through their beta phase.

I should have known better ;-)

Approximately 1 month ago, Flickr was acquired by Yahoo for an unknown sum. What’s really nice however, is that the Flickr staff decided to thank the people who purchased accounts while it was still in its beta phase. So I now have a 4 year subscription to Flickr (doubled), 2GB/month of upload capacity (doubled) and two 1-year accounts to dispense. And that makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside.


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