“So, I hear it’s your last day at work today?”

“Yeah. I’m leaving soon and I move to Waterloo on Sunday.”


“Mmmhmm. Classes start Monday.”

“Which program are you in?”

“Computer Engineering, 4th year – just entering 4A”

“I used to be an EE at Waterloo – undergrad and masters.”

“No kidding! How was the masters degree?”

“Don’t do it.”

[questioning expression]

“You become overqualified. You’ll find that it closes a lot of doors.”


“Besides, I hate Waterloo.”

“I hear you man. Can’t stand living there myself.”

“Bought a car in the first year of university. 100K. By the end of university, I’d put in 390K – and all that was commuting to Toronto and back.”


“I wish I had a car with which to escape.”

“If I had to stay in Waterloo full-time I’d slit my wrists. I f***ing hate the place.”

[A sentiment after my own heart]

“As it was, doing the masters down there was brutal. 2 years – no coop. Can you imagine that?”

“Don’t have to. Don’t want to.”

“Felt like committing suicide. Started to leave every weekend – the only way to stay sane.”

Last minute conversations on the job…

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