Watch Away


Summer. Movies. Barbeques. Insane amounts of work.

Actually I wish I could actually participate in the first two events. That said however, there are four – no – five movies that I’m extremely interested in watching. “Serenity” and “Star Wars III” – both because I’ve always been a fan of sci-fi themed spectacles. And if there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that Star Wars III will be a visual spectacle without peer.

Disclaimer: I have yet to watch the second episode, and couldn’t care less.

Sci-fi aside, I’ll turn to the urban dramas – for lack of a better descriptor. “Crash” and “Heights” both look interesting.


I think I’d watch Heights for the night-time cityscapes. I love drinking in the experience of a large city at night. Even an act as simple as driving into a large skyscraper studded downtown at night is…wonderful.

But, this post is about movies, so I’ll save my fascination with cities for later.

The last movie I’m interested in watching is “Layer Cake”, largely on the strength of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch”. Gotta admit that the UK site is spiffier than the US/International one.


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  • Ah, I post I can respond to with some expertise in the field :)

    Serenity is not till the end of Sept, a month into a work term, so you’ll have time to see that… I have the entire series of Firefly in Waterloo if you’re interested in watching it :)

    You don’t NEED to have seen Episode 2 to see Episode 3, but that too is in Waterloo if you wish to view it. Interested in a midnight SW:Episode 3? If I find enough people interested, I’m so gonna try and go :)

    I *tried* to see Crash at the film festival, but didn’t luck out, but I think I’ll wait for the DVD, along with Heights.

    And yes, Layer Cake, with writer Matthew Vaugn – I think… he did something – who’ll be directing X-Men 3, plus Guy Ritchie kicks @$$ in all but anything involving Madonna. Shall be a good time :)