Belinda Stronach just crossed the floor to sit as a Liberal. She’ll be appointed to head up HRDC as a member of the Liberal cabinet.


I have quite a bit to say on this, and it’s stuff that I’ve discussed a bit with Matt. Unfortunately, work calls…


Despite all the fallout from the Gomery Commission, I have yet to see concrete evidence from any of the political parties that they are interested in seriously revamping the culture that allowed this to happen. What with the rampant partisanship, the lack of options for centrists like me and a serious hollowing out of the “Canadian” identity, I wonder about the future of Canada.

[end rant]

I would rather have seen Belinda Stronach sit as an independent. I would also like to see a schism in the Liberal party, but I think I’d see the four horsemen of the Apocalypse before that takes place.

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