K-M & Sony


So…turns out that K-M (Konica-Minolta) and Sony are collaborating to make DSLRs. Like the recently announced partnership between Panasonic and Olympus, this is fairly big news in the digital photography community and points to increasing industry consolidation and shakeup. The immediate question is “What does this mean for Nikon?” It’s an important one, since unlike Canon – which develops its sensors in house – Nikon has always sourced Sony for its DSLR sensors. Personally, I think that Nikon should consider talking to Fuji about using their SuperCCD design. That sensor appears to have untapped potential and combined with Nikon’s strong image-manipulation firmware, it would be a marquee product. It’s also instructive to note that Fuji uses the Nikon mount and bodies for the S2 and S3.

Meanwhile, a lot of Nikon owners are still asking: “Where’s the D200?”

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