August 5, 2005. 6:33 PM. Exam study session.

I hate it.

When I study for exams, day and night blends; time loses definition and I wake up repeatedly, saying “It’s ok. It’s not today”. It must be the way I study. Confined to my room I thumb, click and scratch through notes, slides and tutorials. Piece together the thread that binds all three, attempting to commit their contents to memory. The window is my only portal to the world.

I do not walk outside.

I do not grab a coffee at the Second Cup.

I see no one outside the confines of my apartment. My four…five…housemates are my only tangible human contact and we are silent most of the day, confined to cells of our own making. In the breaks I take, I surf aimlessly. Witlessly. It brings me no succor. No relief. I know that I’m looking for something – I can feel it. But I don’t know what.


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  • I would heavily recommend taking 10-15 minute breaks every 1.5-2 hours. During these breaks I would get _outside_ and walk or run or anything physical to get the blood flowing and to get some fresh air and just to wake up a little for the next round of studying. It helps to clear your mind of the less useful filer and refocus on the core material that you are trying to retain.

    Good luck! Hope I didn’t kill you too much with the couch! Thanks for the help though, it was appreciated (you too Paul, if you read this)!

  • I’m going to have to start doing that. I’m going batty in this room.

    No problem helping you Rob! If you need help and I’m there – give me a shout and I’ll always do what I can.