I just hit a wall and am feeling quite down. So…I decided to surf a bit.

The latest camera rumor – which looks highly plausible btw – comes from the Canon side of the photography world.

The supposed EOS 5D that’ll be announced this August (23 ?) comes with the following specs:

12.8 MP Full-Frame sensor
9 AF points
60 JPG buffer (I assume at the highest quality setting)
2.5″ 230,000px LCD
Magnesium body
DIGIC II processor
EF mount

USD $3500

Well. Canon users rejoice :~) You’re getting a FF camera at a price point way below that of the 1D series and probably with high ISO performance that’ll beat every camera out there – bar none. From a technical perspective – this is yet another nail in the coffin for other camera makers out there.

If you’re a Nikon user?

Umm…pray that the D200’s a beast?


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