Recently a few comments, articles and conversations have floated my way – all centered around effort. Talking, thinking and living through it has changed my perspective and I no longer say “I wish I could do that”.


That statment demeans the person I’m talking to. Learning is simple for few people – many of us have weak spots; areas in which we’re outclassed by our friends and acquaintances. It’s easy for us to see the results right now and not consider the effort put into getting where they are. “I wish I could do that”? As if they were suddenly granted the gift to learn quickly. Maybe two years ago while you were out partying – they weren’t. No. Maybe they were putting in their time and now it’s paying off.

I have a mass of unexpressed thoughts and emotions roiling in my head and it’s hard to articulate them. Perhaps I’m remembering those times when I’ve had the old “You’re better at it than I am” levelled at me and I’m thinking “It didn’t happen by magic; I gave up a lot too”. And I wonder about who I’ve used that glib phrase on. I guess I’m feeling this ill-defined cloud of frustration, not at myself (how surprising!) but…undirected.

Unfortunately, I have no time to explore this. Right now I’m making the bad choice; writing this instead of getting back to 454.


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  • Hello,
    I’d just like to say: “I wish I could do that” =P

    … Which is more of a bad decision? Writing what you wrote, or reading it?

    Don’t read this, you slacker! Get back to work!

  • Maybe…writing it? :~)

    I wrote this entry after looking through a whole slew of photos. I caught myself saying “Wow…I wish I could do that”.

    That’s when I realized that I could do that – given a whole slew of work. I realized that I was simply discounting these people’s efforts. It takes a lot of time to go out there and take photographs, then read up on how to improve your camera handling technique, the camera manual, composition tips, post processing etc. etc.

    Then I thought about all those times I’ve said the same things at school.

    Realized I was never, never thinking about the work behind the scenes…