Horrid Week


Who knew that ‘time off’ could be so stressful?

This past week takes the cake as one of the more upsetting weeks in recent history. Perhaps it’s just that I’m noticing events a lot more, but nothing’s gone right. I’ve had to return an inordinate number of defective products. Missed appointments (!). Lost items. Stressed out about events out of my control. On Monday I declared a moratorium on driving for the day because of the inordinate number of errors I had made. The list goes on and on…

As I write this and actually remember everything that took place, I have the intense urge to clasp my head and scream. I haven’t. It’s better to suffer in silence.

It may simply be a matter of how I interpret events. After all, you can choose to let events affect you adversely; choose to obsess over every little detail. I’m sure that’ll lead to some unhealthy consequences…


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