San Francisco


Golden Gate
Originally uploaded by Allen George.

My first attempt at the Golden Gate bridge.

Unfortunately it’s problematic. My writeup goes into a bit more detail and I’ll talk about my experiences in taking this picture. I was very surprised by some of the difficulties I had… It’s often the things you least expect that come to trouble you.

The Golden Gate’s a difficult photo to take in many ways. The bay’s always covered by a layer of fog and haze and that obscures the beauty of the bridge itself. I’ve seen some exceptional photographs of the bridge and when I see them I always wonder: “What did they have to do to get the photo looking like that?”

Maybe someday I’ll find out…

Meanwhile, I also have problems putting up a larger picture so I’d really recommend viewing the least resized version.


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  • I think it’s cool that you shot from the city, considering a lot of photographs are taken from somewhere on the other side to get the city in the background… or maybe I’m not paying as much attention as I should

  • The Golden Gate’s one of those landmarks of which you can get hundred of different photos.

    Different times, different places…

    But you’re right – I didn’t cross the bridge to take the photo. For one thing it was pretty late and I didn’t think I’d make it to the right spot in time for sunset. Second, I’d have to pay a $5 toll to get back – and that was a bit steep for an hour’s worth of shooting.

    I’ll be trying this again however and I’ll see how it works out.