Today I received the third copy of a Sigma 10-20mm.


This lens and I have a troubled history that started from early August 2005. I purchased copy #1 after the ECE 454 exam, driving from Brampton to Waterloo to pick up the first unit to arrive in Canada. It was troubled from the get-go, with a scratchy focus-ring that squealed every time I turned it. Disappointed, I exchanged it at the Brampton Henrys for the second unit in Canada. Yes – I really wanted this lens for California. But again, it wasn’t to be. Copy #2 didn’t sit securely on my D70’s focus mount and refused to AF using the left sensor. Back it went, this time to the Henry’s Toronto Superstore.

Talking to Toby at the Superstore, I realized that my chances of getting the 10-20 before I left for California were slim. The only other unit was in Kanata and it would take quite some time for it to be shipped to the GTA. Throwing up my hands in disgust, I resolved to buy the Tokina 12-24 down south.

Until a month ago.

Photo forums were a-buzz about Dell offering Sigma lenses for F-mount cameras at a discount. I bought copy #3, hoping that the “third time was the charm”. It was delivered yesterday and I picked it up this morning.

If only everything were perfect. Either I’m excessively perfectionist when it comes to lenses or…I’m troubled. If you’d walked into my apartment today you’d have seen me sitting in front of my computer cross-legged, camera to my ear and an intent look on my face as I slowly rotated the focus-ring. You see, I can hear a slight ratchet sound if the focus-ring moves….

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