One of Those Days


It’s times like today – times like this – that I’ll say and/or do something that makes me feel like a total ass.

As I sit here writing this entry I wonder what is it that’s made me misbehave so badly for the past while. I’m upset because I’ve said/done things that I dearly wish I could undo. Kinda wish I had that “rewind” button on life.

Why? Why did I spout off? Why did I act like that?


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  • Sidenote: Can’t read the menu items under your title in the title image. Ie, “blog, tories, ive”… or at least, those are the items I can make out ;) Obviously not correct :)

  • I know.

    This is simply a placeholder scheme I’m using until I can put together enough time to:

    • Make a design
    • Start changing the templates to implement it

    The way this term is going, this won’t happen for some time.