Apple Products


If you’ve got a passing interest in Apple computers you’ll have heard the big news. It’s been out for some time now; Apple has Intel Inside. I’m struck by the hypocrisy of the entire Apple fanboy base lauding these new Intel-based models after the foam-mouthed zeal with which they slandered Intel chips before.

Never mind.

There are claims that Apple intended to have more, “cooler” products available at the Keynote. That Steve Jobs was plugging holes with his monologue on iLife ’06. That his presentation was edited at the last minute due to product shortages.


Heck – here’s idle speculation. The “cooler” product was an iTablet ;~) Wouldn’t that be sweet.


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  • AH!!! Only Vista though… cause XP doesn’t support the EFI thingie, which is the boot system that can start up things like ethernet, etc, before logging in… XP only supports BIOS… for now.

    I’m more excited about booting OS-X on a PC to be honest… if that’s doable… just to see what’s happenned to MAC OS’s since the old Apple 2e’s… I’m sure they’ve changed… like adding colour and whatnot.