HIST 100


…is turning out to be a bigger pain in the neck than I imagined.

I find it ironic that this term – my last term – is the one I feel least in control of.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it’s the quick turnaround of the 4th Year Design Project, or the multiple projects I’m trying to balance, or the personal pressures I’m trying to reconcile, but I feel less in control than anytime in the past year.

I see myself on an out-of-control roller coaster.


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  • Unrelated to the topic at hand (sorry for the tangent) but comments on the new design: I like it except for ONE thing. The “read more” bit. I like jumping to a page with the full content of a few entries… I don’t feel much like clicking beyond that.

  • Saweeet. Obviously, I’m hitting sites like these more often than I should be to notice changes such as these :)

  • You and me both :~)

    Thanks for leaving your opinions on the “in-progress” atuff. I’m hoping to change it as I get time…

    …or as I procrastinate (which is more likely).