Digilux 3?


Wow…it’s been a whole 2 weeks since I last posted. Truth be told, I’m horribly swamped with work.

But not too swamped to catch up quickly on the latest photography news/rumors during dinner :~) The latest word seems to be that Leica’s going to display – or demo – some sort of 4/3 sensor based camera at PMA 2006. Apparently they’re also going to be release 3 lenses (zoom + 2 primes maybe?) with it. I wonder how big it’ll be? I’ve always been a big fan of the Leica M Series’ form-factor and I’ve often wished for a digital version. Although this isn’t the Digital M, it’ll probably be much cheaper as well. Maybe it’ll be something I can actually afford ;~)
What I wouldn’t give to be at this year’s PMA…

As for Nikon? As far as I can tell, nothing coming down the pipe, although there’s some stirring of a new digicam model or two. Word is that an LBCAST-based D2H(s) successor may be released at Photokina.

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