Digilux 3 (Redux)


If you’ve been looking at the news from PMA, you’ll notice that on Saturday, Panasonic announced the DMC-LC1. This is Panny’s first DSLR, designed along the same lines as the Oly 330 and it includes a few very unique, very interesting technologies, again proving that Olympus-Panasonic are on the forefronts of the DSLR R&D front. It has a live-view CCD (a first), the Oly dust-buster, an EVF – mark my words – there’ll be a time when EVF’s will be the norm, not the exception, and a Leica lens with optical image stabilization built in.

You heard that right. A Leica lens with OIS. And with AF no less ;~)

I’m not ashamed to say that the lens/camera combo looks totally drool-worthy with the exception of the ungainly right-hand grip. I’m looking forward to Leica’s take on this design and feel quite comfortable in saying that this is probably their Digilux 3. After all, why else would you put that aperture dial back onto that lens…

Anyways, looks really nice for a street-shooter’s rig.

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