I talked to John, from my only Systems class today. He’s going drinking after his exam…

Truth be told, I almost busted a gut when I heard that. In all the years of university, exam time has meant study time for me – and for most of my friends. To add insult to injury, my Arts housemate who, yesterday, expressed her worry about her upcoming exam announced that she’d be off to Molly’s tonight.


In my conversation with John, I learnt some very interesting things.

  • Systems often has 100% project courses. If my SYDE 348 project is any guide, this is unlike ECE, who’ll give you a project of same (or greater) difficulty and make it worth 25%.
  • Systems grants students considerable leeway for electives choices.Fellow ECE students – do we not remember the blight that is List A, B, C and D (requires departmental approval).
  • Systems TEs are surprisingly flexible. You’re allowed to declare Science, Kinesiology or Psychology (as far as I know) courses as TEs. Not so for ECE.

Anyways, unlike my housemate, John has reason to party. Of the 500% in marks he has for the term, his exams count for…100. Yes. That’s right. No “minimum 50% finals” for him.

Me? I’m looking at 230% left to go. Yay.

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  • Hey Allen, want to go drinking Saturday night? J/K ;) But what if I told you that I’m actually going to the tee-dot from Sunday to Thursday and don’t plan on doing much, if any, studying during that time?

    Ok, it’s not much of a shocker when I mention that I finished my first two exams of the term today and have one on Saturday and the next one isn’t until the 19th.