So…I have a question.  With all the stuff we have to do in our day, i.e. :

  • Work
  • Cooking/Sleeping/Eating/…
  • Hobbies
  • Commute

How exactly do prolific bloggers manage to write every day?  How exactly do prolific bloggers/photobloggers manage to do both?  I mean…it takes me a fair bit of time to sort through all the photos I’ve taken and actually process them.  I’m in awe of people who can manage their lives like this everyday.


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  • In your section you have “Hobbies” listed. That’s where it falls for those people. Or during the “work” section.

  • Yeah.

    I guess so… I’m sorry. I’m tired, and I have the form of a more cogent, thoughtful analysis, but the words just aren’t coming.