On my last Friday night at Toronto I happened on the “Star Schmooze” at Queen and John. After a long wait and a long talk with a random stranger I was ‘rewarded’ by the appearance of (among others):

  • Billy Talent
  • Sarah Polley
  • Eugene Levy
  • Mr. “motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane” Samuel L. Jackson

Clad in a yellow sweat, black jeans, beret and yellow-soled sneakers it was obvious that Samuel L. Jackson had a “bee” thing going. After an interminable wait he was finally allowed to walk the red carpet – which he did, all smiles and waves.

You’d be surprised at how ad-hoc the entire affair was.


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  • If there was ever an event that you should have photographed, it would be this one. Samuel L. Jackson dressed up as a bee? Come on, man!

  • I have some really, really bad shots I took with a…Motorola Razr. That thing supposedly has a “camera” but I think I’d had better results with a disposable.

    But yeah – I agree with your sentiment :)

  • Sorry for the late response on this one, somehow I missed it.

    I’m happy you chanced upon the festival Schmooze :)