Well, I’ll be at the Ontario Liberal Party’s (OLP) Annual General Meeting (AGM) tomorrow through Sunday. It’ll be a first – the first time I’m:

  • Registered as a member in a political party
  • Attending a party convention

I’ve mixed feelings about it all; the Liberals may be the party hewing closest to my views, but they’ve a complacency and lack of vision that’s simply galling. I think my sister said it best:

The Liberals don’t want change. They want Canada as it is now and that’s why there’s no long-term vision.

— Angela George

I get the same sense. My resulting frustration was a major factor in my decision to attend the AGM. I want to see things from the inside. Unfortunately – from the photography perspective – I’ve no contacts, no small, light body and no WA low-light prime so I wonder if I should even bother with photos…


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  • YOU MUST TAKE PHOTOS!!! For artistic purposes, it may not be the best place for photographs, but it might give you a chance to do some photography of people in newspaper / documentary style ways. The political leaders are people used to having photographs taken, and you probably won’t be the only one, so you don’t even have to ask permission for some of them.

  • Thanks.

    I’ve been meaning to do the layout change for some time now. I never liked the:

    • Limited number of articles on the front page
    • Limited text viewable from each article
    • Formatting of those articles

    There were a number of other quibbles I also had.

    I’ll see what I can do about photos, though frankly, it’s going to be a very spotty effort. The biggest drawback is that I’m wildly out of practice :(

    The dog picture’s not too long for this world unfortunately.