Notable Notables


Those I met (briefly) at the Liberal AGM:

  • Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff
  • Liberal leadership candidate Gerard Kennedy
  • Liberal leadership candidate Stephane Dion
  • Deputy Premier of Ontario George Smitherman
  • Infrastructure Minister of Ontario David Caplan
  • Political strategist James Carville

Those I saw or listened to at the Liberal AGM:

  • Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty and his wife Terri McGuinty
  • Finance Minister of Ontario Greg Sorbara
  • Education Minister of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
  • Energy Minister of Ontario Dwight Duncan
  • Plus a smattering of others…

By met I mean actually talked to – if only briefly. In Ignatieff’s case I questioned him about the “Quebec as a nation” issue while he ate his wings and beer. His answer didn’t impress me…

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