Can It Be?


I haven’t posted a photo in months.

Perhaps you thought I’d turned gear fetishist and relegated my camera to an expensive accessory? If so, you’re wrong. I’ve done one photoshoot for the UWYL when Bill Graham showed up to talk at the Bomber. No, my photographs aren’t up yet. Not great work, but the first time I seriously used my flashgun and a reminder of just how much I need to improve. I’ve taken photographs at the Liberal AGM and the recent Adams/Eisendart exhibit for personal pleasure. I now do short photowalks on Saturdays – not far – but I’m trying to conquer my embarrassment among my peers.

But those are the sideshow.

I haven’t posted because I’ve been working on my second photo project.

2 months.
15 photographs. Wrapped the last yesterday.

Can it be that I’m actually done? Actually finished a second photographic project?

I hope they’re consistent; hope they express my feelings and convey my vision. I won’t lie – it’s been a lot of work – and I worry that I’ll equate “volume of work” with “goodness”. Closeness can blind you.

Exams, projects and presentations are coming up, but as soon as I write their 15 descriptions I hope to post.


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