Latest Work


The completed Nuit Blanche 2006 set.
Toronto: 7PM, 30 September 2006 to 5AM, 1 October 2006.

Link to the full set with larger images is here.

Individual Images:

  1. Light House
  2. Rolo: Triumphant Finale
  3. Skin For Skin
  4. Dancers
  5. Lighted Feet
  6. Hold That Thought
  7. Shards
  8. Fog in Toronto #71624, 2006 : Entrance
  9. The Surreal Life
  10. Light From Above
  11. Security
  12. (H)art Wall
  13. The Moment
  14. Garden of Light 2006 – Interpretation
  15. Club V

I put this up after coming to two important realizations:

  • I’m unable to complete individual photograph descriptions given the volume of work I have.
  • It’s time I put this project behind me; I’ve lost my objectivity.

Comments, criticism or questions are welcomed.


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  • Very impressive set of pictures, Allen. I particularly like “Dancers”. Did you shoot originally in black and white or edit after? And were you using any filters?

  • Tis Nuit Blanche… everything is black and white, even the real world :) All those photos are in colour, but everything happened to be black and white… it’s kinda like when the world turned colour back in the 40s/50s.

    All joking aside, those photos are great! I wish I had gone in retrospect… next year I guess :)

  • Hi Doug…

    Sorry for the delay. I was studying for – and just completed – my first grad exam. I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and look!

    I shot all of these in color and processed them individually for black and white. So no actions, batch settings or full-auto plugins. Lots of experimentation – each photograph responded differently. Since I worked on these over 2 months, my interpretation shifted as well…

    I didn’t use any lens filters, but I simulated some filters (red, yellow etc.) after-the-fact.

    Dancers seems to be very popular, though I’ll admit it’s not my favorite :) I used my external flash – the SB-800 – there.

  • Hey Paul…

    Glad I happened to be looking through the ‘spam’. Apparently your comment was auto-marked as such (?!)

    Thanks for the comments on the photographs! Unfortunately David Miller is already crying poor and there’s no indication the city’s willing to dish out the $1M tag again this year…