I remember thinking how “just like a painting” the scene looked; when I got around to it a month later – wow, how time flies – I decided to play a bit…


  1. The_Voice - December 20, 2006 @ 10:10

    Now the question is “which movie theatre” and “why your bag is in the photograph in the bottom right”… AH, but I just got it…the bag plus brochures plus reecycling plus everything else contributes to the to the fact that it looks like a painting… genius!

  2. Allen George - December 20, 2006 @ 15:04

    Are you mocking me? :)

    Ah well. Such is life.

  3. The_Voice - December 25, 2006 @ 20:22

    No, honestly, no mocking… I’m serious about that.

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