This Just In:


Dear All:

We would like to have your attention that there is no “Reading Week” for graduate students. In other words, all lectures for graduate courses will be offered as usually.

Sherman Shen, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, E&CE

Thank you Waterloo! Whatever would I do with a break anyways?


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  • Yikes. Allen, you have my sympathies. That e-mail reads like a cruel joke.
    I am just getting past a very high-stress period of time through which the promise of a break kept me going and if someone had send me an e-mail like that a week ago I probably would have cried. if you ever need a morale boost.
    – Paul

  • I was never a fan of IRS. I had fun during the day when I was roaming the halls with everyone, but the night was just overrated in my opinion.

    I ended up working a huge amount on a project here anyways. Put in a week of 14 hour days in the university.

  • Thanks Paul T.

    No one was a fan of that email – not the grad students, not the profs.

    I hear you on the “high-stress” period. I know it sounds trite, but I can empathize. Of course I don’t know the specifics, but I can only imagine a number of closely-spaced deadlines that must be kept.

    I’ve been a long-time reader of PhD comics and have sent a few strips around to colleagues. Sometimes the resemblance to my campus experience is eerie…