Credible Rumors


There are increasingly credible rumors that a large-sensor Nikon pro-body will make its appearance soon. JRP, the Nikonians moderator surfaced with notes on a:

  • D3 (H/X) body
  • 18-20 MP
  • 1.1x crop
  • High-speed crop (HSC) support for DX lenses

Nikonians has already changed their forum name to D1/D2/D3.

While I’d usually shrug off statements like this as wild speculation, two points give me pause. First, JRP does not engage in random rumor mongering. Second, Nikonians changes forum names only when they’re sure of their information.

The actual sensor crop factor is the unknown here, with two numbers surfacing – 1.05x and 1.1x. There’s another number – 1.13x – being thrown about, but that’s based on speculation. What’s even more interesting is that two FM members have talked about two (?) all-Nikon Canadian newspaper outfits putting down serious cash for all new Nikon PJ equipment. Equipment that’s unlikely to be the D2X(s) or D2H(s)…


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  • Yo allen, how does a 1.1x crop work on DX lens?

    And… is our lens quality actually READY for 18-20MP? I heard a lot about putting lens on larger format camera being a true test of the lens performance.

    Either way, it’s too much dough for me man.. XPPP