And Another


A quick update on Nikon rumors this morning – again, from a source I trust.

Looks like we’ll see a D40x. That’s right guys – an x DSLR from Nikon – a naming convention I’ve not seen yet. And why? ‘Cause unlike s models which are minor upgrades, this model will replace the D40’s 6MP sensor with the 10MP one from the D80 and D200.

To summarize…what are we looking at? A D40x with a 10MP D80/D200-type sensor. So if you’re in the market for the cleanest 6MP shooter out there, run and grab a D40 while you can. Pair it with a small SB-400 and you’ve probably met most – if not all – of your casual photography needs.

Let’s see if all of this is borne out at PMA.


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  • This is not a rumor, i got news from a guy working for ads for Nikon that this is coming out, supposingly b/f D3 ?

    On an other note, to have an “x” DSLR instead of “s”, they gotta do better than just replacing the sensor… XP

  • Dave! You’ve an insider pipeline! Awesome :)

    As to your second point…sounds very tantalizing – we must talk. An incentive for me to drag myself out today…

  • I can think of three features that are compelling in an entry-level camera:

    • In-camera stabilization
    • Live-view LCD
    • Movie mode

    I don’t think a sensor dust cleaner has become a “must-have” in consumer minds yet.

    Of the three I’ve listed, I’d be least surprised by the in-camera stabilization, since it is offered by the D40’s competitors – primarily the Pentax ones. I doubt Live-view will make it to a Nikon DSLR anytime soon. And as to the movie mode? Heck, if Nikon pulled this out of its hat, it’d be a coup of the DSLR marketplace. But again, highly, highly unlikely.