My strong dislike of Las Vegas aside, I wish I were at PMA today.

There’s a rumor (credible or not) that the D200x(s?) will be announced by Nikon today. I’m doubtful, given that Nikon’s PMA ’07 page is up already. Regardless, a legion of D200 fence-sitters is waiting with bated breath.

10:43 AM: Yup, as I suspected – no D200x or s announcement.

Of much, much more interest is Sigma’s release of the Sigma DP-1, a large-sensor, fixed-lens compact. This is a market niche – one of interest to many advanced amateurs – that the majors have ignored; kudos to Sigma for stepping up to the plate. Since the DP-1 uses a Foveon sensor, high ISO performance is dicey, though undoubtedly better than comparable compacts.

I’m going to peruse the specs, watch the Canadian pricing and am definitely in the market if the tradeoffs are acceptable…


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