Or “Why Dogs and I Don’t Get Along”


In a fitting end to a term best left behind, a German Shepherd decided that I was “the enemy” and launched itself into me, mouthing a chunk of my coat before its owner dragged it away.

And all I’d done was smile and say “Hi” to its owner…


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  • OH my… that’s quite the mood killer…

    Let this be a lesson to you: Let sleeping dogs lie, and let dog owners alone.

  • I’d always wondered when people said “It happened so fast…

    But now I understand.

    As I was passing its owner, the dog nudged its nose into my leg, growled and then, suddenly, its mouth was at elbow level with my coat in its mouth. To any observer the situation would have appeared farcical – my not actively ‘resisting’.

    I just couldn’t believe it was happening.

  • It definitely is certain people… I dog launched itself at my brother once, and only my brother… my father tried to get in the way and the dog just tried to get around my father to my brother.

    At least your safe and doing exams now :D