One of the Few


The previous term has been harsh picture-wise. I rarely photographed, and on those rare occasions I did, was often disappointed with the results.

Depths is one of the few I’ve made over the past four months. And one of the even smaller set I chose to work on.
Depths: Stairwell at EIT

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It’s been somewhat unusual.

As I lived with the picture, worked and reworked it, I formed an impression of what it – I – was trying to say. That’s crucial, since it’s the interplay between ideas and the subject that drives my choice of cropping, toning and processing; no “Convert to Grayscale” here.

As I worked on the ‘final’ version, I realized the image I’d in mind had changed. Gone was that singular purpose. In it’s place was something more nebulous, ideas and impressions in transition. I mean, imagine walking towards a goal and then, suddenly, it disappears and the lights black out. You sense there’s a new something that’s taken its place, but you’re not sure what or where. So you feel your way in the dark, hoping you’ll find it, but never quite sure if you’ll know when you do…

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