There are strong, credible rumors of a Nikon lens announcement on Friday, May 11. It appears we’ll see changes to five lenses, starting with updates to the super-telephoto primes (400, 500 & 600). The other two are possibly a DX prime and a high-end 35FF midrange zoom (24-70 f/2.8 VR?).

The new rumors corroborate recent statements of Nikon lens foundries being tooled up for at least one new lens and nano-coatings showing up on more high-end optics.

Personal Note:
I’m most interested in the rumored DX lens. Many of the recent DX releases have been consumer-oriented, leaving ‘high-amateurs’ wanting. The lens I’d most like to see is a wide-aperture prime that replicates the field-of-view of a 35mm on a film body.

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