Echo Chamber

I read a number of blogs about photography through the week. Over time I’ve noticed a phenomenon where someone brings up an idea and a day or two later it’ll get discussed, rehashed and responded to by others on my reading list, a swath of opinions rippling out from the source. Not surprising – I mean, after all, blogging facilitates this spontaneous, disconnected conversation. What’s interesting however, is how often respondents assume their opinions reflect those of a larger community. They’ll voice a point and then reference within their immediate community to posts of the same ilk as proof of broad, community-wide support. Of course, as an outsider to their little circle I’m going “Err…what?

I have this image of this room, this echo chamber that represents a small fraction of a larger world. In this chamber people pontificate and while doing so claim to represent the views of the broader community. When asked to justify their assertion they…point to peers within the same chamber.

Never outside.


  1. paul - June 20, 2007 @ 06:16

    That’s funny! Yes, there are all sorts of micro communities around. Photography is not immune to this type of self-validation. :-) Posts spawn other posts covering different facets, etc.

    However, I would think that people like to visit blogs that are in line with their on ideals. I don’t fancy going to blogs that I don’t like or that have ideals that are way off base from the way that I think. It’s uncomfortable.

  2. Allen George - June 20, 2007 @ 20:12

    However, I would think that people like to visit blogs that are in line with their on ideals.

    That’s true. I’ve a list of blogs I check on a fairly regular basis and although some differ from my point of view, none are so different that I feel out of my depth.

    Glad you stopped by though :)

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