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Eyes on the Street

I want to start with photos from “Eyes on the Street”. It’s my latest set, and illustrative of how I’m trying to see the world. Click image for a larger version Click image for a larger version So...

Shhh…Don’t Tell

Don’t worry – your secret’s safe with me.

Click image for a larger version
…And I know you’ll keep mine as well.

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Office Talk

While discussing theses… “Don’t worry about the number of pages – that doesn’t really matter” “Oh. Right, it’s the content?” “No, actually it’s neither.” Imagine me, just with a look of...


“I’ve…seen things you people wouldn’t believe” — Roy Batty I have remembered Roy’s final words since first watching Blade Runner. Its lines, short, unpretentious...


I’ve put up my first article on technique, an explanation on how to emulate TAv using the Nikon D70. I’ll be adding more articles and hope to improve this one with both screen captures...