I will be presenting my paper titled “An Architecture for Providing Context in WS-BPEL Processes” at CASCON 2008 (Software Engineering Session, Thursday Oct. 30, 10:30 AM).

Abbreviated Abstract

In this paper the authors propose the notion of context variables for WS-BPEL. This is a language enhancement that allows developers to use externally-driven environment state, or context, within WS-BPEL business processes with minimal overhead. The paper also describes a standards-compliant architecture for representing and propagating context in a web-services environment to these WS-BPEL business processes.

The paper will be included in the conference proceedings on the ACM Digital Library. I have also made a PDF copy available here. My thesis, which significantly expands on the content in the paper – including background, design rationale, architecture, prototype implementation, etc. – is available online at UWSpace, the University of Waterloo’s electronic document archive.

I created a prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of my proposed architecture and will put it, as well as its source, online in the near future.


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