ArchiveAugust 2014

I Dream

I dream of roads, of miles ahead without a light; of long grass on a broken shore – dancing, whispering, alive in the lim’nal light. I dream of silence. No sound about or talking heads...


“I’m so cold – I’m putting my hands above the stove to get them warm.” “Mmm. Don’t burn yourself.” Sometimes – just sometimes – I can be...

For Jonathan

He achieves an end that few attain: a mark once made never erased. Not words on page or transient fame; not bridges built or prizes claimed. But with form of light, of laugh and life, his immortal...


Perhaps, I think –
I will make a beautiful thing,
then die.
For this is as good a purpose as any.


Yesterday I talked to a girl who’d achieved a goal; a goal she’d set for eight long years. And I was happy for her. I admired. I admired the desire and the dedication, the focus and the...