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As I’ve aged I’ve become less shy about voicing my opinion. Here’s an incensed email I sent to Microsoft support on the general shittiness of the OneDrive web interface.

The OneDrive web interface is *infuriating*.


  1. It’s not clear how photos are grouped. It appears to be grouped by a tuple of (Date, Location), which is quite odd. It should be grouped by Date, but if that simple grouping isn’t the default then the grouping should be customizable.
  2. Selecting photos to add to an album is a royal pain. If I select a group then OneDrive appears to select photos using the following algorithm: (min(100, photos in group) || photos you’ve seen in group). I’ve had to work around by first viewing all photos in a group before selecting them. This is incredibly…broken because it’s so arbitrary from the user’s perspective.
  3. Once photos are chosen and added to an album I can’t select any other group. Because…I don’t know…reasons?

I am a software engineer. And I understand compromises when developing products. But these issues make OneDrive a royal pain to use from the perspective of someone generating a ton of photos and trying to add them to an album for sharing. Not only that, my friends can’t even view the photos in their iOS applications because at some point the app locks up due to the number of photos (!) In this state I absolutely cannot recommend OneDrive for use by anyone generating a ton of photos – and who actually wants to manage said photos.

PS. Please forgive the incensed tone, but…I am actually super frustrated by this.



  1. Paul Gvildys - August 2, 2017 @ 08:33

    “As I’ve aged”.

    Soon you will be shouting “Get off my lawn!”

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