It’s Over…Work’s Over

Work is over. This was in fact a wreck of a day. Almost nothing got done and it felt like I was in stasis. It appeared like both sides (my employer and I) wanted out. I cleaned out my stuff in the directories etc. Put the macros in the right place etc. etc. Left the…

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Found out the name of the coop who’ll be working in my place. By accident actually. Dialed my extension by mistake (1 button) and found myself staring at an S.D. What the hell? Kinda interesting feeling actually – everything’s changing under you. Worked on the work term report. I hate reports. I don’t want to…

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Sendoff @ Leitch

So, I got my sendoff meal today. We went to Mandarin and the people I’ve worked w/ for 4 months will be no more in 2 days. Hard to believe time flew by that fast. Back to university in a week. Crazy indeed. I’m not sure I want to be back – its a depressing…

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