Thrift and Rust

I maintain the Rust Thrift language generator. In this post I’ll briefly describe how to write a simple Thrift client and server in Rust.

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Base 22

I like a substantial watch. I realized this the moment I worked the crowns on my Glycine Airman Base 22 GMT. It’s not that they felt…cheap exactly, (though the cross-hatching on the GMT crown was less refined and impressive in the metal) just, over-light; insubstantial. In general this was my biggest complaint with the Base 22: that something about its overall construction – the crowns, the bezel – made it feel cheaper, less machined, less tool than my Seiko divers at a third of the price. I felt it over-delicate: like I’d to baby it and protect it from the random indignities of life on wrist – quite unlike the feeling from my Monsters: that they could take out a mugger, a concrete block and stop a bullet – all while keeping time.

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