Omigosh what an amazing day. Ignore school – that was nothing. It was just a precursor to the rest of my day. Played UT2003 when I got home. Then Kurt came over from Burglinton (w00t!). Then the three of us went to Philthy’s for a N2Crew reunion. I think that our first year res must have been the best. Everyone still likes each other :) Drank, ate and partied it up till the wee hours of the morning. Had giant, sprawling conversations. Kurt and I were the most effusive among the three of us. Justin as usual was more reserved. The best thing about that night was the memories. I think its the last time most of us will see each other. It had that air of finality about it (now that I think about it). Kinda sad again. But the best thing was the sprawling conversations we had. Laughter, jokes, ribald comments ;) Good times were had by the three of us. I loved it :)

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