2A Midterms Done :)


W00T! Midterms are done. Its like a giant weight’s been taken off my chest. Ate DQ (for the first time). Too much to finish. Dumped it. Don’t understand how people can eat an entire Blizzard without feeling guilty. Man… Crashed over at Justin’s friends place. Played “Up and Down” for an hour+. Watched “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder”. I don’t think Tara Reid (or whatever her name is) is pretty. She looks idiotic. But then again, I’m sure I do…so I’ll keep my comments to myself ;) Got back at 1:00. The time I’ve spent away from GNOME and my computer has done me good. I was getting emotionally attached with the computer world. I was feeling sadder about stuff that happened online than in the real world. This is getting problematic. it’s been hard for me to give up reading the computer news…but I have to. I feel tied up in everything that’s happening.

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