Horrible 223 Midterm


Confidence shattered. ECE 223 midterm back – results were not good. Destroy me now…please. I don’t think I will be with WARG much longer – this is not what I want to do. Worked on and completed most of my TPPE. Now I simply have to put down stuff to say for it. Listened to a lot of violent aggressive music. Matches my mood perfectly. On the whole, not a very productive day. Read a lot of GNOME news. I disagree with jdub about the fileselector. I think MM had a much better file selector. I really wish haddess and MM get together and improve the file selector that exists. I know the person with the code wins, but I think that if MM’s work is disregarded, then the community’s confidence in having a say in GNOME 2 will be shattered. I think I’ll let my views be known on the page. I also think this is getting pretty stupid – the separation between GTK and the underlying libs. I think one of the main reasons QT does so well is that its packaged together. Therefore you can always rely on the existence of certain things. OTOH, the GTK+ philosophy is different and the anonymous poster and dobey put it well. It is retarded that developers build an extensive vfs backend for GNOME (not perfect – needs a *lot* of work) and then most of the time is spent pissing away trying to figure out what to do when it isn’t there. I mean…come on. Have vfs as a requirement! This would simplify development like crazy. There’s a whole lot of stuff like this.

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